5 beautiful places to climb in Italy near the sea

If you are looking for places to climb in Italy near the sea, it is good to know that in our country there are areas as suggestive as suitable for the most demanding climbers. Climbing enthusiasts in Italy can try their hand at a wide variety of walls, not only in the mountains but also in evocative seaside resorts. Here, in fact, you will find the most beautiful locations to practice sport climbing with sea view in a unique setting. You climbers will be embarrassed to choose the wall best suited to your level, looking for more and more challenging routes. In our survey we have found 5 destinations that know how to combine the emotions of the landscape and those of climbing overlooking the sea. From Liguria to Sicily, passing through Sardinia, Puglia and Campania, there are places that are really worth keeping in mind for a holiday to do climbing.

Where to climb in Italy near the sea

Every climber feels the call of the wall strongly. For an outdoor climb on the sea we propose 5 locations that, having nothing to envy to the mountain resorts, will undoubtedly stimulate your interest and your curiosity, if you are among those who love high altitude and live the mountain vertically:

  • Liguria: Finale Ligure and Porto Venere
  • Campania: Palinuro
  • Sardinia: Cala Gonone and Cala Goloritzé
  • Apulia: Ciolo
  • Sicily: San Vito lo Capo

Where to climb in Liguria: Finale Ligure and Porto Venere

No more than half an hour from Savona, climbers have at their disposal some of the most beautiful cliffs in Europe. In just 10 square kilometres there are 150 walls to climb. Climbing is made more pleasant by the mild climate, given the geographical position of these cliffs and their structure consisting of limestone rock rich in holes, cracks and vertical reeds, due to erosion by the sea.

Near Finale Ligure you can find the cliffs of Capo Noli, overlooking the sea or the Bric Pianarella, the highest in the area. For pitches of 150 meters do not miss the way “Fivy” and “The unequal fight of the Count of Montesordo and the dragon blood”. Excellent pitches are also those of the streets “Friendship” and the “Temple of Psychick Youth”.

Above the village of Porto Venere (SP) you can climb the cliffs of Muzzerone, white limestone pillars directly on the sea, where it dominates the Mediterranean vegetation. The area is practicable at any time of the year: being the walls facing west, in winter you will be protected from cold winds from the north, while in summer it is advisable to take advantage of the less hot hours of the day if you want to tackle the climb with less effort. There are many climbing areas, all reachable with paths or small ironworks.

Where to climb in Campania: Palinuro

In Campania Capo Palinuro (30 km from the town of Campania) within the National Park of Cilento is a good point for outdoor climbing. In the southern part of the region is, in fact, the Sleeping Giant, a red rock overlooking the sea not far from a beach, where you can deservedly relax after climbing.

Here you can choose from several routes. The Molpa and the Vauz (hamlet of Foria) are the most famous cliffs: the first with 40 routes, the second with 25 recommended for experts.

Where to climb in Sardinia: Cala Gonone and Cala Goloritzé

Sardinia is not only a land of the sea, but also offers the opportunity to experience vertical adventures among the scents of the Mediterranean scrub. The best locations are Cala Gonone and Cala Goloritzé in the southern part of the Gulf of Orosei.

Cala Gonone has cliffs equipped for all levels of difficulty, such as the streets “Fuili” and “Biddiriscottai” near the sea, while “Poltrona” and “Budinetto” stand outside the town of Cala Gonone (direction Dorgali).

Not far from the coast there are also the walls of Monte Oddeu, to be challenged in spring and autumn for the temperature not too high, ideal for climbing.

If you love technical climbing, try your hand at the limestone wall of Aguglia di Goloritzé, above the cove of the same name.

Where to climb in Sicily: San Vito lo Capo

Another destination not to be missed for sport climbing is San Vito lo Capo in Sicily. In fact, between Trapani and Palermo there are several paths, which develop on the red rocks overlooking the sea. Here, climbing knows no seasonal limits (even in December). We recommend in particular the cliff of Calamancina, which overlooks the bay of the same name. The most famous routes are “Chr.is.to” of level 8a and “Banana Biologica” of level 7a+.

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