All the costumes of summer even under the umbrella

The sun beats mercilessly, the heat oppresses us. Only one thing convinces us not to lock ourselves indoors with air conditioners: that soon it will be sea time. And even those who have already gone there (blessed them), we are sure that in the coming weeks they will not disdain other touches and escape on the beautiful coasts of our country. All this means only one thing, that women are already struggling with the costumes. And we’re not talking about the swimsuit fitting – that, like it or not, has already gone – but the choice of bikini to show off under the umbrella, among rackets, beach volleyball, sun creams and refreshing baths. Beach volleyball bathing suits is also is a good choice.

As every year, the store windows are full of costumes of all shapes, colors and patterns. And true fashion victims can’t help but show off a costume that allows them to be trendy even far from the social life. As always, the big fashion houses have not backed down and dictated the trends of the summer. Let’s discover them together.

For all tastes. For several years now, even the swimwear sector has been offering must-have pearls for fashion lovers, offering a vast choice, suitable for every taste. The evergreen remains the “nautical chic” style: stripes, stripes and stripes. White and blue on all, but also white and yellow or white and red. Suitable for every kind of swimsuit, from bikinis to trikinis, passing through one-piece swimsuits, the nautical style reaffirms itself from season to season, always proving to be fashionable.

Equally loved by women of all ages (but especially by the youngest) are the tropical fantasies, which immediately bring to mind white beaches, crystal clear waters and palm trees with refreshing shade.

Following this path, several brands have decided to dare a little more by showing off “animalier” prints definitely more incisive, suitable for those who want to be noticed even on the beach. For the most romantic ones, many costumes have ruffles, those swirls able to give volume even where, perhaps, there is a little less. For those who prefer a “hot” vacation, we recommend the many summer bikinis that among tulle, lace and transparencies reminiscent of sexy lingerie.

The news. In this great sea of choices, suitable for all tastes and, above all, for all shapes, this year bikinis and swimsuits inspired by the ’50s are back with a great career: high waist briefs and balconette bras in pin-up style. On the one-piece swimsuits, the retro style is recreated with drapes aimed at remembering the great divas of the past.

Although not really a novelty, continues the great passion of the fair sex for trikini, costumes that offer elegance and sensuality also allowing to cover some imperfections. Between portholes, crosses and super sexy shapes, trikini are perfect for those who want to slim their silhouette and highlight their strengths (hiding instead the defects).

There are also women, however, who do not like to discover themselves too much even on the beach. For them the real novelty are the crop tops, mini tops that play the double role of bra and also, in fact, top. Perfect for beach parties. One-piece swimsuit fanatics, on the other hand, could opt for the experimentation of several brands, which have decided to focus on new materials, design and high performance from a sports point of view, but still able to offer femininity.

But the designers, this year, have gone one step further. The costumes, in fact, although beautiful, are always a garment with limited use. For this reason many designers have thought of creating bikinis that can also be transformed into perfect garments for hot summer evenings: they become bodysuits, corsets or tops that can be wonderfully combined with long and light skirts or high-waisted hot pants. In short, chameleon costumes, which allow us to bring a bit of sea also in the city.

Must have. If fashion doesn’t interest you much and you prefer to go by instinct, here is the gallery for you: many proposals forever perfect and glamorous, at the beach and by the pool. An overview of the creations of the most important fashion houses in the world, from Dolce&Gabbana swimwear to the must-have models of Tezenis, Calzedonia, Yamamamay and Goldenpoint (definitely more affordable for everyone’s wallet). The best that the market offers today. All you have to do is choose and… get a tan.

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