Azores: where to practice sport, trekking and trail running

Sports holidays? The Azores, with its trekking and trail races, are becoming a favourite destination for those who love outdoor sports in the midst of nature. In the Portuguese archipelago off the Atlantic Ocean, sports events and races are growing.

In Ilha das Flores, for example, one of the trail races already defined as one of the most beautiful in the world has just begun. It is the Extreme West Atlantic Trail and is run on 24 November 2018. But there’s more to it than that.

Azores, a new destination for outdoor sports

The Azores are working to become a destination of excellence for outdoor sports. They are volcanic islands like the Canary Islands (we’re talking about them here), another outdoor sports paradise. In addition to being a beautiful archipelago very green and rich in biodiversity from a naturalistic point of view, have a particular conformation of the ground that makes them suitable for this type of trail races.

But that’s not all: the tourist potential of the Azores is also wider: here you can go on great excursions and sports holidays between water sports (surfing, kitesurfing, kayaking, diving, fishing, whale watching) and adventures on land (trekking, climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding, volcanism).

Azores: races and sporting events

Azores Trail Runâ is the organization of the Extreme West Atlantic Trail race, which takes place for the first time and joins other very attractive sporting events born in recent years.

Such as the Whalers Great Route, which has been held in May since 2014 and is home to a rehearsal of the Ultra Trail World Tour.

Or the Triangle Adventure (three days of racing on three different islands: Faial, Pico and São Jorge). And there’s also the Columbus Trail (in February 2019 on the island of Santa Maria).

What is the Extreme West Atlantic Trail?

This first edition of the ultra trail will see a thousand enthusiasts from all over the world who have previously qualified and will test themselves in this small island of the Portuguese archipelago. Flores is a remote place, with superb views thanks to its undulating geography, unspoilt nature and the special light that falls here in the middle of the Atlantic (it is the westernmost point in Europe).

In Flores, in 16×12 km of extension live 3800 people, including canyons, hills, rivers (it is UNESCO Biosphere Reserves). And right here will be held the race, 40 km along the Great Way of Flowers, between craters, ups and downs green, breathtaking skies. (You can admire them even without running, of course.)

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