Sport climbing in Rome, the best gyms

Do you want to try a new sport and have you decided to try your hand at sport climbing? Here are the best facilities in the capital where you can go climbing.

Sport climbing is a discipline that interests both the mind and the body. A sport that gives a lot of adrenaline, but at the same time supports an adequate development of the psycho-physical balance, stimulates concentration, socialite and improves self-esteem. Climbing – defines the ascent and overcoming of an obstacle. So what are you waiting for? It is a complete sport and within everyone’s reach, and for this very reason, it is becoming more and more widespread. Find in Rome the climbing gym that’s right for you.

Rock It Climbing Rome ASD

In Via Michelotti Biordo 14/17, you will find the largest indoor climbing facility in Rome. Rock It offers about 500 m² of walls made by a team of engineers and professional athletes, with a wide variety of courses open to all age groups, starting with children aged 5/6 years, at a cost of 45 € per month. Rock it also contains a space dedicated to fitness and compensatory training such as TRX and Functional Training. A unique set of facilities for a professional and comfortable environment.

Rome Vertical Movement – Sport Climbing

In this gym in Via Giuseppe Micali 10 near Ostia Antica (RM), climbing becomes philosophy. “Live the body, move the mind” is the motto of Movimento Verticale. A place designed for those who want to learn how to climb, improve technique and training methods. You will find courses for all levels and qualified instructors Iusm and Phases, with a specific pedagogical training and able to live climbing as a sport fun, safe and educational for children aged 6 to 10 years and 11 to 14 years. The membership fee is € 35.00, valid from September 1 to August 31 and includes insurance coverage.

Fire Rock

Another climbing gym in Rome is located in Via Vestricio Spurinna, 100. It is a gym founded by the Sports Group of the Sorgini Fire Brigade. At Fire Rock you will find all the equipment you need for every type of training, for true fans of the sport of climbing. Rope, boulder, external tower, system wall, pan güllich, weight room and much more, together with reliable and available instructors.

ASD Rambla Vertical

Another gym for climbing lovers that we recommend is located in Via Cesarea 17bis, inside the Circolo Bocciofilo Valco San Paolo, a 5-minute walk from the metro Marconi or San Paolo. Verticality is a metaphor for life and its inevitable difficulties, which affect each age in a different way. From the young route, to the basic route, to the intermediate route, aimed at students with short climbing experience but who wish to improve and be followed in the process towards autonomy.

Rome Climbing Center Amateur Sports Association

The first climbing gym, Roma Center Climb was founded in 1994 with the aim of being a sports climbing academy for the study of balance and personal evolution through a strong commitment to training. More than 1,700 students have gone through this innovative gymnasium over time, always in continuous development, through its courses, events and trips. The monthly price ranges from 65 to 70 euros, while the quarterly price ranges from 170 to 197 euros.

Look for the sports climbing gym in Rome that’s right for you. There is nothing better to develop your motor components and the control of the emotional and sensory part.

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